In 2010 T e r r a f u s e opened her glass blowing studio, the first in the region.

The Abaths operate the studio using System 96 glass and discarded bottles to make

their objects. When you arrive on the island of Aruba, the airport welcomes you with

a 100 blue and green glass drops  -symbolizing Water as an important element on

Aruba, blown at Terrafuse.  If you are interested to drop in for a demonstration,

ask for a schedule.

Glass bead making
Discover the secret of glass in a workshop glass bead making and go home with

your own glass beads! We work with Moretti glass from Italy. Workshops glass

bead making behind the torch are available every Monday and Thursday.

A 3 hour workshop for beginners costs $90,- . A second workshop costs $80,-

Experienced bead makers can rent a workplace. For groups 4 - 6 people special

arrangements can be made.

Kiln casting
This workshop will take you through the whole process of making a small glass

sculpture. Glass is melted in the kiln into your hand made mold, taking over the

desired shape. Natural products (fruits, shells), sculptured forms of clay or

ready-mades (for instance little toys!) can be used as a base for the mold.

Workshops are given in concentrated periods - Ask for a schedule.

On Aruba a huge quantity of pre columbian pottery remains can be found.

This historical aspect is integrated in the workshop Ceramics. We will use the

necessary basic tools and handform techniques will be taught and primary

decoration applied. We organize workshops in concentrated periods -

ask for a schedule.


Turibana #14, Noord,Aruba


MONDAY  10am - 1pm

&  THURSDAY 10am - 1pm

If you want to make a reservation for a workshop glass bead making, you can do it HERE

Or book the tour Taste of Aruba at



Marian & Ciro

With more than 30 years of experience!


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